About ESCA



Since 1970, the Exhibition Services & Contractors Association has provided a unified voice for service contractors and their partners in the exhibition industry. With more than 185 members throughout the United States and Canada, ESCA works closely with our members and other exhibition industry organizations to promote the exhibition industry and further the causes of our members.


  • The association for firms engaged in providing services and materials for the exhibition, meetings, and events industry.
  • A clearinghouse for exchanging information between members and all other entities in the vast exhibition, meetings, and events industry.
  • Your source for leading general service contractors and their suppliers.
  • A provider of information and assistance in the current business climate.
  • An advocate for service providers on critical industry issues, including developing and distributing official “position papers.”
  • A credible resource for other professional organizations in the industry.
  • The resource for the establishment of best practices and ethical standards

Mission Statement

ESCA is dedicated to the advancement of the exhibition, meeting, and special events industries. Through the education, information exchange and level of professionalism shared by members and their customers, ESCA promotes cooperation among all areas of the exhibition industry.

History of ESCA

Since 1970 ESCA has provided a unified voice for service contractors and their partners in the exhibition industry. ESCA now has more than 175 member companies throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom and maintains alliances with IAEE, IAVM, SISO, EDPA, and CEIR to promote the exhibition industry.

Past Presidents

2022 Bob Ryley GES
2020-2021 Neil McMullin Fern
2019 Chris Schimek Freeman
2018 Rich Curran EXPO Convention Contractors, Inc.
2017 Julia Smith Global Experience Specialists
2016 Lenny Servedio Freeman
2015 Jay Atherton Freeman
2013-2014 Bruce Nable SER Exposition Services
2011-2012 Chuck Grouzard Global Experience Specialists
2009-2010 Steve Hagstette Freeman
2007-2008  Aaron Bludworth  George Fern Company 
2006 Tom Drullinger George Fern Company
2004-2005 Kim Methe Freeman
2002-2003 Carl Mitchell Shepard Exposition Services
2001 Barry Rappaport Freeman
2000 Tom Blaine, Jr. Blaine Convention Services
1999 Todd Iverson GES Exposition Services
1998 Barbara Lane GES Exposition Services
1997 Larry Arnaudet Freeman
1996 Jim Reese Champion Exposition Services
1995 Bill Polke Freeman
1994 Jim Thompson GES Exposition Services
1993 Elden Almquist ATTCO Exposition, Inc.
1992 Craig Smith Andrews-Bartlett
1991 Dale Van Ort Freeman
1990 Hugh MacLean GES Exposition Services
1988 – 1989 Ralph Iverson Brede Exposition Services
1986 – 1987 Jim Caplin United Exposition Service
1984 – 1985 Jim Moore Moore Displays, Inc.
1982 – 1983 Norm Seeger Badger Exposition Service
1980 – 1981 Sol Tolkin Exposervice Standard, Inc.
1978 – 1979 John Reibold Brede Exposition Services
1976 – 1977 Don Vaughn Freeman
1975 Jim Howe GES Exposition Services
1973 – 1974 Toby Aaron The Aaron Group
1971 – 1972 Leon Manne Manncraft/Greyhound
1970 Sam Katz United Exposition Service

Strategic Plan

ESCA’s Strategic Plan is a direct outgrowth of the ESCA Board of Director’s desire to position the organization for a sustainable competitive advantage. This approach improves the chances of organizational alignment and makes the best use of ESCA’s resources (time, money and effort). This Strategic Plan is designed to be a working plan with the flexibility to evolve as ESCA’s members needs and the competitive landscape changes.