Member Services

Member Services

ESCA Newsletter

A monthly newsletter E-mailed to more than 3,500 industry contacts worldwide, representing virtually every area of exhibition contracting and event organizing. The Newsletter contains the latest industry news, movers and shakers, messages from Board of Directors and updated information on ESCA news and events.

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Labor, Employment and Other Legal Services

ESCA has partnered with Bryan Cave LLP, a diversified international law firm with 1,000 attorneys across the United States, the United Kingdom, Continental Europe and Asia. Bryan Cave can assist ESCA members with a full range of labor and employment law matters including traditional labor law, employment counseling and all aspects of litigation. The firm’s traditional labor law practice includes advising clients on compliance with the National Labor Relations Act, labor negotiations and arbitrations, mergers and acquisitions, and long-term work force strategies. The firm’s employment law practice includes advising clients on all aspects of workforce management and employment dispute defense. In addition to labor and employment, Bryan Cave can support our members in a range of corporate transactions, in litigation and in otherwise helping to solve the complex business challenges facing organizations. For more information, please contact

Human Resource Management

ESCA has negotiated a special, preferred human resource and employee relations consulting program with EMPLOYCO, available only to ESCA members in good standing.

EMPLOYCO’s team of H.R. professionals provides organizations with expert H.R. outsourcing. Our approach provides powerful cost reduction alternatives that help decrease your employee administration overhead, protects you by assisting with government compliance and saves you valuable time by handling both routine and critical H.R. tasks. EMPLOYCO delivers on all of these initiatives to free you from the hassles that stand in the way of your company’s success.

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Payment Processing and Merchant Services

IPpay has partnered with ESCA to offer award-winning electronic payment processing and merchant services.

Why IPpay? Merchants and resellers have experienced significant growth using IPpay’s convenient and comprehensive revenue platform. Our advantages include a seamless conversion process, an advanced and highly responsive technical team, an extensive list of integrated billing platform options, and low to zero cost gateway fees.

We’re here to help! The simple conversion process and easy-to-understand billing summaries make IPpay the superior choice for Card-Not-Present (CNP) electronic payment processing, E-check processing, ACH/Direct Deposit, and Large-Scale Batch processing.

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