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Member Services

At ESCA, we are thrilled to provide our members exceptional benefits through carefully selected partnerships. These valuable collaborations demonstrate our commitment to enhancing your membership experience. Discover our diverse range of preferred partners below and take advantage of the unique opportunities they offer to support and elevate your business within the industry. We continuously seek new alliances to enrich your ESCA membership and foster growth for all involved. If you want to become an ESCA preferred partner, please email

Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR)

Discover the unparalleled depth of knowledge within the exhibitions and business events industry at the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR). Home to the world’s largest collection of primary exhibition-related research studies, CEIR offers hundreds of reports to illuminate the world of face-to-face marketing. CEIR’s independent research adheres to market research best practices, ensuring objectivity and reliability. Designed to inform a broad range of exhibition industry constituents, CEIR’s comprehensive reports provide insights that drive growth and success.

ESCA members gain privileged access to CEIR’s impactful research, empowering professionals, and businesses to thrive in the dynamic landscape of the exhibitions industry. Reach out to to receive your unique access code and unlock the transformative potential of CEIR’s insights. Elevate your industry knowledge and propel your success with CEIR and ESCA.

Please note this code will give you access to all of CEIR’s reports except their Index and Census Reports.


Human Resource Management

ESCA has negotiated a special, preferred human resource and employee relations consulting program with EMPLOYCO, available only to ESCA members in good standing.

EMPLOYCO’s team of H.R. professionals provides organizations with expert H.R. outsourcing. Our approach provides powerful cost reduction alternatives that help decrease your employee administration overhead, protects you by assisting with government compliance and saves you valuable time by handling both routine and critical H.R. tasks. EMPLOYCO delivers on all of these initiatives to free you from the hassles that stand in the way of your company’s success.

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Legal Services

Vedder Price is an international business-focused law firm serving clients of all sizes and industries from offices across the U.S. Amongst the Firm’s business focused services is its premier management side labor and employment practice. The Firm has experienced professionals across the U.S. enabling the Firm to pull talent from offices around the nation to bring together the most experienced and efficient service team possible to work collaboratively with a diverse corporate client base on short- and long-term issues.


Official Marketing Partner

The Exhibition Services & Contractors Association (ESCA) has named epIQ Creative Group its Official Marketing Partner to play a key role in executing a new marketing strategy built to drive demand and long-term growth for ESCA. epIQ Creative Group will provide end-to-end capabilities across creative, media, and data services as the Official Marketing Partner for future ESCA events and ESCA’s Worker Identification & Security Program.

epIQ Creative Group is a demand generation marketing agency creating multi-channel campaigns that drive demand for associations, non-profits, events, and brands. epIQ Creative Group’s robust service offerings include content creation, distribution, strategy consultation, social media management, digital marketing, lead generation, and web design.

We encourage all our members and industry affiliates to explore utilizing epIQ for all their creative and marketing needs.

epIQ Creative Group

Silent and Live Auction Services

ESCA is proud to announce its newest preferred partner, ExpoAuctions. As a leading provider of silent and live auction services, ExpoAuctions offers customized auction solutions that increase attendee engagement and generate revenue. With over 20 years of experience in the event auction space, ExpoAuctions is recognized for its professionalism, reliability, and innovation.

As an ESCA preferred partner, ExpoAuctions will be featured prominently on the ESCA website and promoted to the association’s members. In recognition of this partnership, ExpoAuctions is offering ESCA members a 10% discount on services.


Photography and Videography

PHOTOGRAPHY – OA is privileged to cover hundreds of events annually, including over 30% of Trade Show Executive’s Gold 100 and Fastest 50. Using a team of experienced and creative professionals, Oscar & Associates delivers to the most discerning and prestigious clients. Whether you need photographs of your booth with pixel-perfect attention to detail, event coverage that perfectly captures the experience of being there, or want to show a large crowd of interested attendees, OA can help you achieve your vision.

DIGITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT (DAM) – With our clients accumulating visual assets at a ferocious rate, the ability to easily store, access, and share these resources is a top priority. OA is a certified reseller of the Libris DAM solution: A powerful tool that can allow anyone within an organization to house and utilize all fantastic imagery produced by Oscar & Associates. OA provides this service for clients to move their media out of local storage and into the cloud.

VIDEO PRODUCTION – OA’s in-house video production and post-production department creates and produces the show and exhibitor videos that have become vital for social media, marketing, and ongoing branding. Our team is ready to assist clients with everything from concept and scripting through the final stages of editing. Oscar & Associates is equipped to provide our clients with all of the latest in video production, including 4k, time-lapse, and aerial.

VIRTUAL EVENT & LIVE STREAMING – OA provides various options for conducting high production virtual events. We offer live streaming services that allow for interaction and integration with remote speakers, opportunities for sponsorship, branding, and monetization with secure and private access.

The coupon code for ESCA members to use to receive a 10% discount is ESCA22

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Event Services

EventMobi’s event management software solution makes it easy for organizers to plan, promote, monetize and deliver engaging events in any format. Used by 20,000+ event planners in 40 countries around the world, EventMobi is the trusted event technology provider for member-based organizations and corporations including the Federal Bar Association, GE, and the NHL Coaches’ Association.

EventMobi empowers planners to streamline their workflows and manage every stage of the event lifecycle. The award-winning in-person, virtual and hybrid events platform has been enhanced with powerful new Onsite Apps and features to help planners more efficiently manage their in-person events. Now, taking care of badging, event and session check-in, and helping event exhibitors capture, score and follow up with leads—can all be managed from a single platform.

Headquartered in Canada, with dedicated sales and support teams in North America and Europe plus a global network of partners, EventMobi has helped inform, guide, and engage millions of attendees in over 72 languages since 2010.


Curated Conversational A.I. Chat

42Chat is the leading provider of curated conversational A.I. solutions for organizations and events looking to enhance and protect their brand, gain and retain customers, and capture and act on insights. We instantly connect you with your community and automatically answer questions through text, the only channel virtually everyone has, uses, and reads. Like Apple’s Siri, we use conversational A.I. to create bots that users want to engage with to receive the curated information, answers, and support they need. While our competitors rely on email, apps, or scripted website bots, our solutions create a 1:1 connection, so our clients can reach their customers when they need them most.


Event Technology Solutions Partner

Veloxity specializes in state-of-the-art event technology solutions designed to elevate the attendee experience. Our suite of custom-branded offerings includes a variety of interactive display screens, advanced charging stations, and LED screens. We empower brands across the globe with engaging activations and sponsorship opportunities, ensuring guests stay informed, engaged, energized, and happy throughout the event experience! Elevate your activations with Veloxity!

Veloxity is proud to offer exclusive benefits to members of the Exhibition Services and Contractors Association (ESCA). As a new Veloxity customer, ESCA members can take advantage of our cutting-edge technology solutions at a discounted rate.


Event Enhancement Software

The Exhibition Services & Contractors Association (ESCA) has selected NoteAffect as a Preferred Partner to provide Event-Ace to enhance its annual conference and offer the platform to its members and industry affiliates.

ESCA members who provide audio/video production, exhibitor booth/design services, and contractor services will find that Event-Ace is an excellent platform that adds value to your offerings. Additionally, Event-Ace takes little effort on your part and will increase your revenue.

A good solution for session overflow: Event-Ace keeps every attendee engaged and feeling like they are a part of the session – even in the extra room!

A good solution for 365-day engagement: If you are recording sessions for your customer, Event-Ace can significantly enhance the recording by making it interactive and delivering a 365-day solution that expands your offering.

Exhibitor booth design for more success: Event-Ace can turn an exhibitor booth, workshop, or demo alley presentation, into an engaging and interactive experience that will provide the exhibitor with unheralded AI-based sales intelligence analytics. We can help you make their exhibition more successful than they have been in the past – bringing you return business!

Event-Ace makes any live demo, PowerPoint, or other digital content into an engaging presentation that creates a long-lasting, better attendee experience while delivering an increased marketing advantage for organizers and exhibitors through our AI Advantage.

Event-Ace delivers:

Using any digital device, attendees can make notes, annotate, highlight, and ask questions directly on the live content! (Patented) Then, all their content, personalized information, and recordings collected at the event are stored in one place for easy access. (patented)

Patented AI analytics create a deeper connection between presenters, event organizers, and attendees by showing interest levels, sharing their presentations, and tracking content sharing. Plus, the analytics, usage, and connections continue after the event!

Event-Ace can provide as much as a 40% boost in knowledge retention – giving attendees a better understanding of the value of the event, which translates into a better experience and makes them more likely to return next year and refer the event to others.

Money-saving features like live polling built-in, CEU reporting, and Close Caption instead of paying for expensive ASL interpreters.

Event-Ace provides these features in an easy-to-use format using technology and techniques everyone is already familiar with!

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Preferred Collections Agency

As a selected Preferred Partner of the Exhibition Services & Contractors Association (ESCA), Commercial Collections Corporation of NY (CCC of NY) extends a special 15% contingency fee to all ESCA members for any collections needed. Our commitment to your success goes beyond fees – for every member utilizing our services, we provide a complimentary full-asset credit bureau run per year at no charge. This report, considered the most comprehensive and expensive in Experian’s lineup, provides you with valuable insights.

Certified by the Commercial Law League of America, CCC of NY stands at the forefront, offering unparalleled worldwide support for both first and third-party collections. Our dedicated client relationship management ensures a personalized approach, while our international presence guarantees compliant, ethical, and professional practices for in-house departments.

Partner with the Commercial Collections Corporation of NY for a seamless and effective collections experience, where excellence meets expertise.

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Payment Processing and Merchant Services

IPpay has partnered with ESCA to offer award-winning electronic payment processing and merchant services.

Why IPpay? Merchants and resellers have experienced significant growth using IPpay’s convenient and comprehensive revenue platform. Our advantages include a seamless conversion process, an advanced and highly responsive technical team, an extensive list of integrated billing platform options, and low to zero cost gateway fees.

We’re here to help! The simple conversion process and easy-to-understand billing summaries make IPpay the superior choice for Card-Not-Present (CNP) electronic payment processing, E-check processing, ACH/Direct Deposit, and Large-Scale Batch processing.

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