Education & Training

Education & Training

Employco USA Training and Safety Certification Program

Employco USA has created a training and safety certification program endorsed by ESCA for the health and safety of our industry.
Our short video can be used to provide everyone in the industry with uniform information and training regarding best practices along with instructions on proper PPE use.
After the video, there is a short quiz and upon passing, the registrant receives a certification of successful completion.
This program was created to ensure consistency and continuity throughout the tradeshow industry for every trade, contractor and anyone else on the trade show floor.<
The goal of this training and certification is to deliver consistent guidance as well as help to ensure that basic measures are followed to help foster a sense of confidence throughout our entire industry.

Employco Training

Employco’s team of HR professionals provides organizations with expert HR outsourcing. Our approach provides powerful cost reduction alternatives that help decrease your employee administration overhead, protects you by assisting with government compliance, and saves you valuable time by handling both routine and critical HR tasks. Employco delivers on ALL of these initiatives to free you from the hassles that stand in the way of your company’s success.

Throughout the year Employco will have a series of complimentary training courses offered to all ESCA members as part of our partnership.

ESCA Behind The Scenes Training

Educating the personal that will be working in your facility, on your show floor and with your customers is a priority that results in a better experience, a safer environment and a stronger industry. A broader based knowledge of how events are orchestrated will help your exhibitors, contractors and suppliers form a more robust understanding of where they fit in the larger picture, and how they could more fluidly move about in that environment. This course is meant to help achieve that understanding. The attendees can be anyone from 20 year veterans who have likely seen it all, to new members of our industry that are soaking it all in.

Customer Service Training

As Trade Show Professionals, we consider ourselves to be the best, the fastest, the most efficient, but this course does not begin or end with an emphasis on the “nuts and bolts” of your work as a Trade Show Professional. It doesn’t address how you can be more effective with your tools or how to improve your technical skills on the show floor. It does; however, address another skill set that we often forget about.

Security Training

In 2016 ESCA partnered with EDPA held an expert security panel regarding how to handle an active shooter situation. The information that was disseminated can be found here as well as a quick video that pertinent to everyone, not just those in the industry. We ask that everyone take a few minutes to educate themselves. Being prepared for the situation will help everyone involved.

Active Shooter Training Video