Committees and Councils


Get Involved in ESCA’s Committees and Councils

At ESCA, our committees and councils are the backbone of our organization, tirelessly working to drive our mission forward and continually enhance the value we offer to our members and the broader exhibition industry. Through our dynamic and dedicated committees, we can explore, address, and influence various facets of the industry, ensuring that we not only respond to the needs of today but also anticipate and prepare for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

Why Join a committee or council?

  • Collaboration & Networking: Engage with a vibrant community of like-minded professionals, building connections that can support and advance your career.
  • Professional Development: Grow and refine your skills, gain industry insights, and contribute your expertise to shape best practices and standards.
  • Industry Impact: Play a hands-on role in steering the direction of the exhibition industry and making a meaningful impact.
  • Diverse Opportunities: With a range of committees and councils, you can find a group that aligns with your interests, expertise, and career goals.

A Commitment to Excellence

Each committee and council within ESCA comprises individuals deeply committed to fostering excellence, innovation, and integrity in the exhibition industry. Whether celebrating achievements through the Awards Committee, promoting diversity and inclusion, focusing on education, overseeing the ESCA Badge Program, ensuring health and safety, managing finances responsibly, or any other crucial functions, our committees are integral to our success and continual improvement.

Join Us and Make a Difference

By participating in one of our committees or councils, you become an active part of a collective dedicated to elevating the standards and success of the exhibition industry. You’ll have the opportunity to not only benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience within the group but also to share your own insights and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our industry. If you are interested in contributing your talents and joining a group of engaged and passionate professionals, we invite you to get involved! You can explore the various committees and councils available and find the one that resonates with your passion and expertise.


ESCA’s yearly awards program honors individuals and organizations demonstrating exceptional service and performance in their respective fields.
  • Chris Casconi, Willwork – Co-Chair
  • Diana Gonzalez, AFR – Co-Chair
  • Gary Minter, Quantium
  • Lenny Servedio, CSI Worldwide
  • Rich Curran, Expo Convention Contractors
  • Salinda Horrocks, Modern Expo + Events
  • Seth Kagy, Navy Pier


The ESCA Diversity and Inclusion Committee celebrates the unique qualities that constitute ESCA’s membership and the clientele of the exhibition, meeting, and special events industries. We aim to cultivate a genuinely diverse and inclusive community, enabling us to serve all members equitably and effectively. Our mission is to establish an organization that acknowledges, respects, and values each member, irrespective of their demographic background. ESCA is devoted to creating an environment where everyone within the exhibition, meeting, and special events industries feels at ease to engage, learn, and do business with one another. While we share many commonalities within this industry, we must recognize that individuality and uniqueness are strengths we should embrace and appreciate.  
  • Damon Ross, CORT – Co-Chair
  • Laure Chachere – Co-Chair
  • Crystal McAlpin, Georgia Expo
  • Glenn Charles, Jr., Show Strategy
  • James Letchworth, GES
  • Ray Williams, Shepard


The Education Committee is dedicated to enriching the knowledge of our members concerning the events and exhibitions industry. We believe that education is fundamental to success and growth in this field. Through disseminating relevant and current information, organizing engaging workshops and seminars, and promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing among industry professionals, we strive to empower our members to excel and stay ahead of emerging trends in the events and exhibitions landscape.
  • Taylor Vriens, Modern Expo + Events – Chair/ESCA Learning Officer
  • June Vo, Shepard
  • Kevin McLaughlin, Carpenters Union
  • Lenny Servedio, CSI Worldwide
  • Rob Wilson, Employco
  • Russell Callahan, Quest Events
  • Saira Beig, Stronco
  • Vanessa Thornton, Superior Expo Services


The Finance Committee is responsible for maintaining the organization’s financial well-being by providing thorough financial analysis, guidance, and supervision of its budget and overall fiscal health. Their role encompasses creating and adhering to budgets, compliance with generally accepted accounting principles and robust financial practices, and safeguarding the fiduciary interests of ESCA’s members. The Finance Committee is now an integral part of the Executive Committee, further emphasizing its importance in managing the organization’s finances.


Our unwavering dedication to the health and safety of our members, subcontractors, customers, and the community is at the forefront of our mission. We strive to constantly enhance our processes, exhibit leadership, and provide extensive safety guidance to all. The committee is wholeheartedly committed to serving this purpose, ensuring the well-being of everyone in our industry.
  • Pete Carroll, GES – Chair
  • Chris Casconi, Willwork
  • Dasher Lowe, EDPA
  • Debbie Rorabaugh, CORT Events
  • Don Gandolini, IATSE
  • Dylan Shields, Fern
  • Dustin Blaine, Expo Convention Contractors
  • Edward Arant, United Rentals
  • John Ervin, America’s Center
  • Kevin McLaughlin, Carpenters
  • Michael Kaack, GES
  • Michael Brownlee, The Expo Group
  • Mike O’Neil, ASM Global
  • Neil McMullin, Fern
  • Pat Putzer, Emerald Carpets
  • Rob Wilson, Employco
  • Russell Callahan, Quest Events


The Council has been established to pursue common interests, promote goodwill, provide education, and pursue harmonious labor/management relationships.


Trade Representative – Kevin McLaughlin, Carpenters Management Representative – Dennis Sullivan, Freeman


U.B.C Carpenters
  • Kevin McLaughlin, Primary
  • Bob Tarby, Alternate
I.U.P.A.T. Decorators
  • Darrel Starks, Primary
I.B.E.W. Electricians
  • James Halsey, Primary
  • Bobby Stutzman, Alternate
I.A.T.S.E. Stagehands
  • Don Gandolini, Primary
  • JoAnn Sanders, Alternate
  • Bryant Preston, Alternate


Fern Expositions & Events
  • Michael Cox, Primary
  • Joe Fisher, Alternate
  • Dennis Sullivan, Primary
  • Cory Clayton, Alternate
Global Experience Specialists
  • Guy Langlais, Primary
  • Jocelyn De La Cruz, Alternate
  • Steve Margos, Primary
  • Kevin Bird, Alternate
The Expo Group
  • Michael Brownlee, Primary
  • Lloyd Van Meter, Alternate


CORT Furniture
  • Debbie Rorabaugh, Primary


The ESCA Membership Communications and Branding Committee serves as a vital link and advisory board for the organization. We are devoted to fostering growth and maintaining active member engagement, ensuring that our members recognize the value in all that ESCA provides and enhancing brand awareness. This committee acts as the public relations branch of ESCA, representing the organization’s interests and reputation.
  • Ben Cramer, GES – Chair
  • Anthony Soto, Shepard
  • David Freeman, Bematrix
  • Debbie Rorabaugh, CORT
  • Diana Warren Gonzalez, AFR
  • Jim Kelley, Fern
  • Mike Morrison, WS Displays
  • Tammy McGlade, epIQ


The Nominating Committee is responsible for selecting board members and overseeing the onboarding process for all new members. Typically, the selection procedure takes place in October, ensuring a seamless transition and integration of new members into the organization.
  • Damon Ross, CORT Events – Chair
  • All Executive Committee Members are designated as members of this committee.


The ESCA Scholarship Fund grants academic and need-based scholarships to industry members and their families, enabling them to pursue higher education in fields relevant to the exhibition industry. Our goal is to support the education of future leaders and contribute to the growth and success of the industry.
  • Debbie Rorabough, CORT Events – Chair
  • Mark Staples, AES
  • Patrick Putzer, Emerald Carpets
  • Laure Chachere, Freeman
  • Damon Ross, CORT Events


The ESCA Summer Educational Conference provides an engaging platform for attendees to discover the latest industry trends, connect with like-minded peers, establish new relationships, and actively shape the future of the exhibition industry.
  • Damon Ross, CORT – Chair
  • Cory Clayton, Freeman
  • Mark Murphy, ESCA
  • Mark Staples, AES (Silent Auction)
  • Norm Friedrich, Octanorm USA (Fishing Tournament)
  • Pat Putzer, Emerald (Golf Tournament)
  • Russell Callahan, Quest Events
  • Scott Lebwohl, SMT Expo
  • Taylor Vriens, Modern Expo + Events
  • Tony Rissley, Expo Auctions


  • Scott Lebwohl, SMT


  • Norm Friedrich, Octanorm USA



  • Pat Putzer, Emerald Carpets


  • Karen Murphy, ESCA


  • Mark Staples, American Exposition Services – Chair
  • Tony Rissley, Expo Auctions


  • Stephanie Byrd, CORT


  • Russell Callahan, Quest


This Council is established to pursue common interests, address common issues and concerns, promote goodwill, provide education, and seek harmonious venue & contractor relationships.
  • Freddie Peterson, Miami Beach Convention Center – Co-Chair
  • Cory Clayton, Freeman – Co-Chair


The following is the current list of venues invited to participate.  Each venue must submit its designated representative’s name and an alternate to the ESCA Executive Committee. One venue member should be on the ESCA Board of Directors.
  • America’s Center, John Ervin
  • ASM Global, Dan Hoffend & Mike O’Neil
  • Baltimore Convention Center, Mac Campbell & Philip Costa
  • Colorado Convention Center, John Adams
  • Dallas Convention Center, Anthony Lopez,
  • George R. Brown Convention Center, Luther Villagomez
  • Georgia World Congress Center Authority, Joe Bocherer, Kevin Duvall, & Chris Chadwick
  • Kay Bailey Hutchenson Center, Andrew Simms
  • Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority, Kevin Aivis
  • McCormick Place, Samuel Thomas
  • Miami Beach Convention Center, Freddie Peterson
  • Music City Convention Center, Charles Starks
  • Navy Pier, Seth Kagy
  • Orange County Convention Center, Mark Tester, Tony Camarillo
  • Overland Park Convention Center, Brett Mitchell
  • Palm Beach County Convention Center, David Anderson
  • Pennsylvania Convention Center, Greg Testone
  • Renasant Convention Center and Cannon Center for the Performing Arts, Dean Dennis
  • San Diego Convention Center- Clifford “Rip” Rippetoe


The ESCA Executive Committee will submit a list of eight (8) representatives from the official contractor membership.  Each company selected should provide a Primary and an Alternate. One member should be on the ESCA Board of Directors.
  • CORT Events, Damon Ross
  • Expo Convention Contractors, Dustin Blaine
  • Fern, Neil McMullin
  • Freeman, Cory Clayton
  • GES, Reagan Wilson
  • Hargrove, Scott Finlayson
  • Modern Expo + Events, Salinda Horrocks
  • Shepard Exposition Services, Steve Margos
  • The Expo Group, Randell Pekowski
  • Willwork, Chris Casconi


  • Brad Mayne
Mark Herrera