Health and Safety Resources

Health and Safety Resources

Industry-Standard Safety Signage

Safety signage is a crucial way to keep everyone involved in the events world safe and prevent incidents. Linked here, you will sample signage available to all that can be utilized at every event. We encourage everyone to utilize this free resource. ESCA would like to thank GES for generously donating these templates

You have the option to add your logo to the safety signage, allowing for co-branding alongside ESCA.

Health and Safety Resources for you to use:

CPR/First Aid/AED Training

In life and our industry, you never know when an emergency will happen and who will be affected. Preparing for an emergency is one simple way to ensure your company and employees can aid until emergency services arrive. We encourage our members and industry to take advantage of the available training and ensure this training is conducted regularly. Here are three non-profit organizations we recommend, though many more resources are available: