ESCA Advocacy

Advocacy remains a cornerstone of ESCA’s initiatives, representing a fundamental pillar of our strategic vision. This practice is vital in championing the rights and interests of our member organizations, ensuring that their valuable perspectives are acknowledged and considered in the decision-making processes shaping our industry’s future. Our commitment to advocacy is exemplified through our integral relationship with the Exhibitions and Conferences Alliance (ECA). As a key contributor and founding member of the ECA, ESCA underscores the significance of collective advocacy in advancing the interests of the face-to-face business events industry.

Exhibitions and Conference Alliance (ECA)


The Exhibitions and Conferences Alliance (ECA) is committed to advancing the face-to-face business events industry and promoting its critical role in economic growth and job creation. Our mission encompasses raising awareness among government officials about the industry’s impact, advocating for its common interests, and fostering partnerships globally to ensure a favorable operating environment within the United States.

ECA’s strategic approach focuses on building meaningful relationships with policymakers and ensuring that key industry concerns receive attention and support.

Advocacy has been a cornerstone for ESCA, its members, and the broader industry.. Now, more than ever, it is essential for policymakers to recognize and support the vital contributions of face-to-face business events to economies, job markets, and small businesses.

ESCA proudly stands as a founding member of the Exhibitions & Conferences Alliance (ECA), a coalition formed earlier this year comprising nine professional, industry, and labor organizations. Together, ECA has made significant strides in accelerating the reopening of business events nationwide, advocating for industry relief and recovery efforts on Capitol Hill, and reshaping public perceptions of our industry.

ESCA is committed to supporting ECA’s efforts to drive the recovery and advancement of the face-to-face business events industry. We encourage you to join us in supporting ESCA as we work to amplify the impact of ECA.

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