Ethics Statement

As members of ESCA we recognize the need for standards of professionalism in the relationship between contractor and customer and within the industry as a whole. We recognize that our customers come from every aspect of the exhibition, meeting, and special events industry, ranging from the organizer to the attendee. All ESCA members pledge to conduct their business activities with integrity. ESCA members understand that they are responsible for the professional conduct of persons in their employ. Consequently, they undertake, through exemplary conduct at all times to secure observance by their employees of this code of ethics.

ESCA members pledge to act in accordance with the following principles of the ESCA code of ethics.

Member Responsibilities

  • Accuracy
    ESCA members will provide factual and accurate information about their services and the services of any firm they represent. They will not use deceptive practices.

  • Disclosure
    ESCA members will provide complete details about terms and conditions of any services, including cancellation and service fee policies, before accepting deposits.

  • Delivery
    ESCA members will provide all services as stated in their agreement or written confirmation, or provide alternate services of equal or greater value, or provide appropriate compensation.

  • Cooperation
    ESCA members will serve in a spirit of partnership with show management, other contractors, facilities management and exhibitors.

  • Responsiveness
    ESCA members will offer prompt, reliable and courteous service at all times.

  • Compliance
    ESCA ESCA members shall abide by all federal, state and local laws and regulations.

  • Regulations
    ESCA members will comply with all codes and standards regarding safety, performance, show rules and regulations.

  • Confidentiality
    ESCA members will treat every customer transaction confidentially and not disclose any information without permission of the customer, unless required by law.

  • Conflict of Interest
    ESCA members will not allow any preferred relationships with suppliers and sub-contractors to interfere with the interests of their clients.

  • Disputes
    ESCA members will work with their customers to resolve disputes quickly and fairly, and, if necessary, through mediation or then through arbitration.

Code of Conduct

Member Benefits

Membership in ESCA is company-based. All full-time employees of member companies are members of ESCA and have access to all resources, qualify for discounted registration rates for all ESCA produced meetings, and receive the discounted rate for ESCA WIS badges. The number of operational office locations will determine the annual membership dues. Please click here (should be a link to the dues page) for a complete listing of membership categories and annual dues.

The benefits of membership include, but are not limited to:

  • Advocacy
  • We advocate for our membership to ensure that they have their voice heard on issues that are important to them, protect and promote their rights as valued organizations and have their views and wishes genuinely considered when decisions are being made about our industry. This has become even more crucial in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. ESCA is a key contributor to the Go Live Together initiative, and the Exhibitions and Conferences Alliance (ECA), as well as a strong supporter of the Exhibitions, Mean Business initiative

    ESCA advocates for the issues that matter most to our members. Through our coalition with IAEE, SISO, and IAVM, ESCA has worked to create solutions for industry issues in a way that allows our members to be competitive and thrive in the current business climate continually.

  • Financial Benefits
  • Discounts on all ESCA-produced events and educational offerings.

    Discounts on employee and worker I.D. badges from the ESCA Worker Identification System (WIS).

    Participation in the ESCA Scholarship Program, which is awarded to families of ESCA Members.

  • Education, Training, and Information Exchange
  • ESCA believes that education is the key to continued success and works with our industry partners to develop and present webinars and in-person training on current trends and the latest changes in the industry that affect your business. By sharing information and resources, we keep all of our members up-to-date on current industry trends and technology and prepare them to become leaders in the industry.

    Timely industry information via ESCA news and updates, email notifications, and social media updates.

    Access to the ESCA Members Only Forum.

  • Networking
  • Inclusion in the ESCA Membership Directory accessed by the entire industry.

    Networking with the Summer Educational Conference, the Annual Business Meeting, and all ESCA-produced events.

    The Summer Educational Conference offers programs designed to allow you to learn more and impact the future of the exhibition industry and the chance to make contacts and network.

    The Annual Business Meeting and reception is the opportunity to network with other members, meet new members and celebrate ESCA’s accomplishments from the year. Always held in conjunction with IAEE’s Annual Meeting, the ESCA meeting and reception is a who’s who of ESCA’s past, present, and future leaders.

    ESCA creates forums for you to regularly develop new relationships and interact with your peers in the industry.

  • Partnership
  • Partnership programs with discounted rates for products and services that you can use daily in your business, including Human Resources Management, photography and videography, Labor, Employment Law, Consultation, Payment Processing, and Merchant Services.

    Complimentary HR Consultation through ESCA’s affiliate partners, including input on equal employment practices, labor negotiations, wage-hour accounting, personnel policies, and employee handbooks.

  • Security
  • ESCA has developed a national ESCA Worker Identification & Security (WIS) Program that allows entry into participating facilities by the contractor’s workers registered with the WIS program.

    We are constantly striving to enhance this program to ensure we do our part in providing a secure workplace for our membership.