ESCA’s Sustainability Position Statement

At the Exhibition Services & Contractors Association (ESCA), we are acutely aware of the impact of our activities on the environment, community, and the exhibition industry as a whole. We believe that sustainability is not just an obligation but a long-term commitment that will benefit our members, partners, and stakeholders.

Our Commitment

We are proud to have signed the Net Zero Carbon Events Initiative. This action signifies our commitment to transforming our operational practices to reduce our carbon footprint, promote energy efficiency, and set an example for the industry we serve.

Our Objectives

  1. Carbon Neutrality: To achieve net-zero carbon emissions through comprehensive measures, including energy-efficient practices and carbon offsetting initiatives.
  2. Sustainable Practices: To encourage and educate our members and partners on adopting eco-friendly practices like waste reduction, energy conservation, and ethical sourcing.
  3. Community Impact: To engage with communities in a way that supports their well-being, respects their diversity, and contributes to social equality. Industry Leadership: To lead the charge among industry associations in creating sustainable events, setting benchmarks, and encouraging transparency in reporting sustainability metrics.
  4. Continuous Improvement: To continually assess, monitor, and adjust our sustainability goals to meet or exceed industry standards.

Our Actions

  1. Education and Training: To offer our members resources, workshops, and tools to help them integrate sustainable practices into their operations.
  2. Partnerships: To collaborate with like-minded organizations to amplify our collective sustainability impact.
  3. Transparency: To communicate openly about our sustainability objectives, initiatives, and performance metrics.
  4. Governance: To integrate sustainability objectives into our governance and day-to-day operations.

EDPA, ESCA, and EIC Sustainability Guidance for Exhibition Stand Construction

Our Promise

We are committed to providing a framework for change, not just in words but in actions. We will rigorously hold ourselves accountable for our sustainability objectives.

As an industry leader, ESCA is committed to setting an example and forging a path for others to follow. We urge our members and partners to join us on this critical journey toward a more sustainable future for the exhibition industry.

Emerald Carpet White Paper – The Pinnacle of Sustainability in Trade Show Carpet

We are excited to share Emerald’s insightful White Paper on the latest practices and innovations in carpet handling within our industry. This valuable resource offers a deep dive into current standards, explores potential improvements, and seeks to understand the evolving needs and expectations of exhibitors and attendees alike. With a commitment to fostering a safer and more efficient exhibition environment for all, this White Paper serves as a crucial guide for professionals aiming to stay ahead in today‚Äôs dynamic exhibition landscape. Dive in to equip yourself with the knowledge and best practices that are setting new benchmarks in carpet handling and management in the exhibitions world. Click Here! to read now.

Sustainability Insights

As the discussions around sustainable practices continue to evolve regarding the exhibitions and events industry, ESCA continues to be a part of these discussions providing our voice to validate the most reasonable and responsible business practices for our stakeholders.

We are happy to provide the following links to sustainability-related resources to help our members stay informed of the various discussions occurring across multiple industry sectors.

Net Zero Carbon Events Guidance and Methodology Documents