Get Involved

Get Involved

Volunteer service at ESCA is gratifying and rarely dull. Experience with our ESCA boards and committees can enlighten and lead to many satisfying results. It also often challenges balancing professional, volunteer, and personal lives. However, should you choose to get involved, you will soon discover that your investment will make a difference within our industry and allow you to grow personally and professionally. You’ll find yourself investing much of yourself and hopefully loving every minute!

Join the Board of Directors

All ESCA Board of Directors selections are based on experience, insight, and perspective about the issues critical to our industry and association. We will work side by side, with our professional staff, on developing new initiatives to further enhance the overall value for our ESCA members. As we have a small professional staff, your time, effort, and input are crucial in collaborating with our executive director and association staff on critical programs and initiatives. While boards primarily govern, we rely on volunteers to carry out many of our programs in our case. As with each of your own companies, the primary goal as leaders of our association is to exceed our client’s expectations. We count on our board members to actively participate, ask questions, and share industry knowledge, business knowledge, best practices, and energy in all our board attempts to accomplish throughout the year.

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Join a Committee

ESCA has many committees in a variety of segments. Please click on this link to submit your application. The following is a list of current committees.

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  • Advocacy Committee
    As part of ESCA’s initiatives, advocacy represents one of four pillars in our strategic plan. We advocate for our members to ensure that they have their voices heard on important issues, protect and promote their rights as valued organizations, and genuinely consider their views and wishes when making decisions about our industry. This has become even more crucial in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. ESCA is a pivotal contributor to the Go Live Together initiative and the Exhibitions and Conferences Alliance (ECA) and a strong supporter of the “Exhibitions Mean Business” initiative.

  • Awards Committee
    ESCA’s annual awards program recognizes individuals and organizations for outstanding service and performance.

  • Diversity and Inclusion Committee
    The ESCA Diversity and Inclusion Committee seeks to honor the individual differences that make up ESCA’s membership and the customers of the exhibition, meeting, and special events industries. We attribute the association’s success to the wealth of diversity and available representation of all demographics, including personal and professional backgrounds. We strive to foster a community of authentic inclusivity and respect to serve all members and customers truly and equally successfully.

    Our mission is to create a community that recognizes, respects and values our members regardless of anyone’s particular demographic. ESCA is committed to providing an environment where all members and customers of the exhibition, meeting, and special events industries feel comfortable interacting, learning, and conducting business with one another. Although we all have a lot in common within this industry, it’s essential to understand that our individuality and distinctness are something we must embrace as a community. As ESCA members, we all must play a role in promoting this type of inclusion.

  • Education Committee
    The Education Committee aims to provide members with current information about the events and exhibitions industry.

  • Finance Committee
    The Finance Committee provides financial analysis, advice, and oversight of the organization’s budget and financial health. Their responsibility is to ensure the organization is creating and living within budgets, following all generally accepted accounting principles and sound financial practices, and upholding ESCA’s members’ fiduciary interests. (This committee now exists as a part of the Executive Committee.)

  • Health and Safety Committee
    We are uncompromising in our commitment to our membership, subcontractors, customers, and the community’s health and safety. We will continually improve our processes, demonstrate leadership, and promote comprehensive safety guidance. The committee is dedicated to that purpose.

  • Labor & Management Council
    The Council has been established to pursue common interests, promote goodwill, provide education, and pursue harmonious labor/management relationships.

  • Membership Communications/Branding
    The ESCA Membership Communications and Branding Committee is ESCA’s liaison and sounding board. We are committed to growth and continued membership participation, ensuring members find value in all ESCA offers and brand recognition.

  • Nominating Committee
    The Nominating Committee is responsible for selecting board members and onboarding all new members. The selection process usually takes place in October.

  • Scholarship
    The ESCA scholarship fund will award up to four academic and need-based scholarships for industry members and their families to pursue university studies in fields related to the exhibition industry and help educate the next generation’s leaders. In addition, one Dennis Hale Memorial Scholarship is awarded each year.

  • Summer Educational Conference
    ESCA’s Summer Educational Conference offers programs designed to allow you to learn the latest trends in our industry, network with your peers, make new contacts, and impact the exhibition industry’s future.

  • Venue Council
    This Council is established to pursue common interests, address common issues and concerns, promote goodwill, provide education, and seek harmonious venue & contractor relationships.

  • WIS Committee
    ESCA’s WIS Committee, is dedicated to enhancing and growing ESCA’s Worker Identification and Security program.