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Behind The Scenes Training

About The Course

Educating the personal that will be working in your facility, on your show floor and with your customers is a priority that results in a better experience, a safer environment and a stronger industry. A broader based knowledge of how events are orchestrated will help your exhibitors, contractors and suppliers form a more robust understanding of where they fit in the larger picture, and how they could more fluidly move about in that environment. This course is meant to help achieve that understanding. The attendees can be anyone from 20 year veterans who have likely seen it all, to new members of our industry that are soaking it all in. The whole experience is a hands on learning experience, with the take away hopefully being a few more tools in each attendee’s tool belt, with an overall better experience for the venue, and a stronger industry. Every obstacle we can remove, every bump in the road we can smooth; will benefit each and every member of our trade show family.

About The Training Day

ESCA customizes each program to meet the requests of the individual facility. We look for the partnership of the Official Service Contractors, Suppliers and the Local Unions to ensure the success of the event. In advance of the program we will explore the needs of the local city to create a program that best meets those needs. Typically we will begin by educating the attendees about your city and your facility. A brief overview for those that are fresh to the venue, and an update on what is new and upcoming for the veterans. We will then take a detailed tour of the show floor to see an event in action. This tour will touch on areas such as registration, entrances, labor desks, customer service areas, freight receiving, docks, marshaling yards and empty storage. As we move about the show floor we will explain how each area works as a cog in a very well-oiled machine. We will work to impart a greater understanding of how their role, and their organization, fits into the operation as a whole.


We strive to have this program presented at no cost to the attendees that are ESCA Members. For non-ESCA members the cost is typically $25 per person. We will ask the facility to assist us with the cost of meeting rooms and any AV needs. There is no charge to the facility or the requesting member organization. The cost of this event is paid for in dividends by the benefit to the industry. PLEASE CONTACT JULIE KAGY, ESCA EDUCATION DIRECTOR IF YOU WOULD LIKE MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS PROGRAM. 773.418.1955 OR