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The ESCA Digest — June 2024

The ESCA June Digest


Dear ESCA Members,

I had the pleasure of attending Legislative Action Day on May 30, where 143 industry professionals came together to make our voices heard on Capitol Hill. Divided by state, we represented the diverse segments of our industry and had the opportunity to engage with both familiar faces and new allies.

During this impactful day, we focused on two key areas critical to the growth of our industry: workforce development and visa processing.

Workforce Development:

We advocated for the expansion of the Pell Grant program and the inclusion of 529 college funds for training programs. This initiative is essential to support workforce growth in various ways, recognizing that not everyone pursues a traditional college path. Our message was clear: legislative support for these workforce development initiatives is crucial for our industry’s future. With 2.6 million Americans employed and $399 billion in direct spending, the business events industry significantly contributes to the U.S. economy. Expanding these educational programs will help sustain this growth.

Visa Processing:

We addressed the significant delays in post-COVID visa processing. We proposed two essential solutions to mitigate these delays:

  1. Reinvesting visa fees into the program for better technologies.
  2. Reallocating resources to reduce the backlog and improve the system.

Current wait times for visas are critically long, with 849 days in Mexico City, 640 days in Bogota, Colombia, and 499 days in Mumbai, India. Reducing these wait times is essential for the smooth functioning of our industry and for maintaining international business relationships.

It is crucial to note that our advocacy efforts are supported on a bipartisan and bicameral basis, ensuring broad support for these non-polarizing issues.

Legislative Action Day is an annual event, but it should be the starting point for ongoing engagement with your congressmen and legislators throughout the year. Our industry’s voice is powerful, with the potential to create a significant impact given the economic contribution of our trade shows.

Let’s build on this momentum and continue to strengthen our relationships with policymakers.

Best regards,

Julie Kagy

Executive Director, ESCA


August Robotics is a leader in autonomous commercial robots, serving the exhibition, construction, and facilities management industries.

Our Lionel robot is helping exhibition venues around the world streamline the floor marking and show set-up process

ESTA Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading firms in the extraction technology area.

Whether in extraction, dedusting, filtration or plant construction, ESTA is a leading player in many industries and offers tailor-made and application-specific extraction solutions.

Moss, ss place makers, blends high-quality materials, cutting-edge production automation, sustainable practices, and world-class craftsmanship to create unique installations that transform spaces into impactful places. We actively listen, question, and tackle complex technical design challenges, providing our dedicated partners with unprecedented solutions.

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Well done Miami Beach Convention Center, for achieving the Sustainable Procurement Certificate.

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Moss has launched a new product line of sustainable products, and a range of sustainable printing materials is just as affordable as the standard options. This is a big step towards an eco-friendly future!

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Expo Convention Contractors Expansion

Congratulations to our member Expo Convention Contractors Inc. on their new acquisition and expanding presence!

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The Legacy of Modern Expo + Events

Discover the inspiring journey of Modern Expo + Events, from its humble beginnings in the back of a rusty station wagon to becoming a leading force in the event industry, and learn how their commitment to quality, service, and innovation can transform your next event.

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The Exhibitions Industry Collective, a collaboration of key industry organizations, is proud to announce its significant participation in the upcoming SkillsUSA National Leadership & Skills Conference this June 24-28 in Atlanta, GA.

This year marks a pivotal chapter for the Exhibitions Industry Collective as it spearheads the Future Workforce booth 727, a testament to its unwavering commitment to nurturing the future workforce in the trade, technical, and skilled service sectors.

The booth will feature resources and diverse career path information within the exhibitions industry, allowing SkillsUSA participants to engage with industry professionals.

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