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Freeman Announces CEO Succession Plan

November 28, 2023

Janet Dell, President and Chief Operating Officer, to be Appointed CEO in July 2024

Bob Priest-Heck to Retire at Mid-Year and remain as a Freeman Board Member

Dallas, TX (November 28, 2023) – Freeman, the global leader in events, announced today that Janet Dell, Freeman’s President, will succeed Bob Priest-Heck as Chief Executive Officer of Freeman on July 1, 2024. At that time, Priest-Heck will step down as CEO and retire, concluding a distinguished 15 years of service at the company. He will continue as a member of Freeman’s Board of Directors.

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IAEE Announces New President and CEO

We are thrilled to share in the excitement of Marsha Flanagan’s well-deserved appointment as the new President and CEO of IAEE. Her wealth of experience and dedicated service within the industry make her an exemplary choice for this esteemed position.

IAEE’s decision to promote from within, choosing a leader familiar with the association’s core values and initiatives, speaks volumes of their commitment to continuity and growth. We commend IAEE for making such a strategic selection.

As Marsha takes on this pivotal role, we at ESCA extend our heartfelt congratulations and unwavering support. We anticipate a very bright future for IAEE under her leadership, and we look forward to deepening our partnerships and pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve together in service to our industry.

Please join us in congratulating Marsha on this significant achievement.

IAEE Announces New President and CEO

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A Titan Bids Adieu – Larry Arnaudet Announces Retirement After Over Five Decades in the Meetings and Convention Industry


A Titan Bids Adieu – Larry Arnaudet Announces Retirement After Over Five Decades in the Meetings and Convention Industry

Dallas, TX, June 26, 2023 – After an unparalleled career spanning over five decades, Larry Arnaudet, a commanding figure in the meetings and convention industry, has announced his retirement, effective December 2023.

Arnaudet’s professional journey, commencing in 1970 with Manncraft Exhibitors Services in New Orleans, has been marked by steady growth and remarkable resilience. His tenures at GES, Freeman Decorating Company, and most recently, the Exhibition Services & Contractors Association (ESCA), attest to his comprehensive understanding and wide-reaching influence within the industry.

As the Executive Director of ESCA, Arnaudet’s audacious leadership and strategic acumen were instrumental in propelling the organization’s recognition. His indelible mark on ESCA and the wider industry is a testament to his commitment and visionary approach. Larry was crucial in establishing the ESCA Badge system, a worker identification system recognized across the tradeshow industry nationwide.

Known for his assertive leadership and distinct authenticity, Larry is unafraid to challenge norms and conventions. His candid professional interactions have helped shape his reputation as a formidable industry leader.

Central to Larry’s life is his enduring companionship with his wife, Mary Lee Arnaudet. Their relationship spanning over 50 years, has been a steadfast source of support throughout Larry’s eventful career.

As Larry Arnaudet transitions into retirement, the industry bids farewell to a leader whose influence will echo in the future. His unwavering dedication, visionary leadership, and commitment to fostering robust professional relationships have had a transformative impact on the organizations he’s been a part of and the wider industry.

We congratulate Larry on his retirement and look forward to the continuing reverberations of his influence. As he embarks on this new chapter, his resilient spirit, which has defined his professional career, is certain to chart his path forward.

The ESCA Executive Board is currently conducting a search for a new Executive Director and management company for ESCA.

About ESCA – Since 1970, ESCA has provided a unified voice for service contractors and their partners in the exhibition industry. ESCA has more than 175 member companies throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom and maintains alliances with IAEE, IAVM, EDPA, and SISO to promote the exhibition industry. ESCA is dedicated to advancing the industries of exhibitions, meetings, and special events. Through education, information exchange, and professionalism shared by members and their customers, ESCA promotes cooperation among all areas of the exhibition industry.

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